Luftwaffe Dornier Do 217 Part Identification

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Oct 2, 2023
Hi All,

Can anyone help identify this part please. I'm trying to identify where on the airframe this part lives (see photos). The part is stamped: R8.217.522.131.01. I believe this is from a Dornier 217. There is a further stamp on the right: 3506.0 XZ1. Any insight would be appreciated.


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Only a guess, but the 3rd picture looks to be some sort of brake shoe mount. Did they have a mechanical way to stop the wheel rotation of the tail wheel? Most A/C with retractable undercarriage us hydrolic pressure to activate the main brakes during retraction, but the nose or tail wheel does not usually have a braking system installed. And they use e mechanical system that contacts the tire when it is retracted.

Other than that I am no help I hope others can help. Good luck!
Hi MansonBrown:

The little I know is that the R is a casting for the part number 8.217.522.131.01 and the 3506 is the material (Mg-Al-Zn) and the .0 is the temper.


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