Me 410 Windscreen/windshield dimensions

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    I would like to request any plans on the exact dimensions of the "bulletproof" sections of the Me410's windscreen for both the pilot an radio operator/gunner. I'd love sources on the information as well.

    What I've gathered at the moment is that the front windscreen was probably 75mm of thickness* , no data on the gunners protection more then a sentence from an Tactical and Technical Trends**

    Me 210's sources about this would probably he helpful as well, as I don't think there was any major difference on this part (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    *Mushroom Yellow Series 6120, about the Me 410, page 34, by Robert Pęczkowski (ISBN 8389450240)
    **Tactical and Technical Trends No. 34, September 23, 1943

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