NACA Roll Study Interesting Differnces

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    I had come across someone's posting on a forum about NACA's report about a Roll Rate Study performed on the Spitfire, Hurricane, P-40 and P-36 at Langley. It is a copy from the PRO.

    Back in the 1980's I was TDY to Moffett Field and took a lunch break at the AMES Research Center (NASA) on the other side of the base. I visited the basement vault and found that the documents stored there were only cataloged in a card deck (big card deck) I was just by accident I came across this roll study and some other studies. The document folder I found these in was very dusty and had not been disturbed for along time. I got to use the mimeograph machine to make a few copies. The Study cover page was a dark heavy stock paper and did not copy to well. I have tried to clean it up as best I could using Photopaint.

    I noticed that the header on the first page of the report was in a different format on the PRO copy compared to the AMES copy so I assume it was retyped for distribution outside of NACA. The other interesting feature I noticed was on Figure 2 the roll graph is someone had added the information of the P-51 with beveled T.E. onto the graph but that does not appear on the PRO copy. There was not indication as to when this was drawn on the chart and it was in ink.

    I also included a roll chart of the XF4U I was also able to copy during my visit.

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