Nakajima B6N - Tenzan "Jill"

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Jun 28, 2005
can anyone halp me with some pictures and details about B6N Tenzan?

I have Hasegawa 1:48 kit and it's a superb one and I want to now more about this aircraft. it was use in kamikaze missions?
The B6N 'Tenzan' was developed by Nakajima from a request by the IJN for a replacement of their B5N which was deemed insufficient for the job. The B6N needed to be able to carry the same payload as the B5N, but do it faster and over a longer distance.

The Tenzan first entered service in the Battle of the Philippine Sea. The USN had already achieved full air superiority and the B6N were slaughtered by the waves of the new USN F6F Hellcats. This led to the B6N being re-equipped with a new engine (Mitsubishi Kasei 25, 1,850-hp), which became the B6N2.

The B6N2 was deployed in 1944, the slight improvements in performance proved of no worth. The IJN had lost most of it's large carriers from which the B6N2 could operate. Most B6N2 operations were from land bases, and it was during the Battle of Okinawa that the B6N2 first went into action as a Kamikaze.

The final development was the B6N3 which stripped the plane of all naval features, increasing performance by reducing weight. This type was to be used exclusively from land bases on the Japanese mainland. But Japan surrendered before it was put into production. Two prototypes were completed.

1,268 B6Ns were completed, and one remains in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

Max. Speed: 291 MPH
Max Range: 1,840 Miles
Service Ceiling: 29,660 feet
Payload: 1x 1,760 lb torpedo or 3x 550 lbs bombs.


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