Need help

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Apr 11, 2004
Help me identify this aircraft pls:


At first i thought the first one was a P-51, but its not. Could it be a Spitfire?
About the second one i have no idea at all.
And sorry about the size, cant make em any bigger..
Thanks for the time.
i think the second one is a T-28..

The first one, well, im still not sure if its a spit. Look at the cannons on the wings, do they belong to a spitfire? Anyone ever seen a spit on this scheme?
Any help welcome.
Personnaly, I think the black and white is a P-47. For the coloured one, I'm SURE it's a Spitfire Mark IX. (Hey, I can recongnize this plane, it's my favorite one!) ;)

Hope it's help.
Thanks everyone.
Black and white is not a P-47. Look at it closely, it has a big hole right next to the guy thats standing there, plus theres something else(a cannon?). P-47s dont have that there. Only aircraft i have seen with those things is T-28

Color one, im gonna have to trust maestro and ill say its a spitfire mark IX.

Once again thanks.

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