Not The Fire Truck!

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My friend came back from WWII, after flying Spits and Hurris for the RAF before the US got into the war and then flying B-24's in the Pacific, and applied for the Detroit Fire Dept. It was a very competitive job application process, with a lot of physical capabilities required. And he said many of the losers went to work for the Detroit Police Dept.

He said that in that time frame the police were being baffled by the "Coverall Bandits." Two armed men, wearing coveralls and kerchiefs over their faces, would rob banks and then escape before the police could respond. Turned out that under the coveralls were police uniforms; they were cops. At times they were the the first police to respond to the crime. When it was finally discovered who they were, it was such an embarrassment that the two men were fired from the police force but not arrested.

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