P-40 Alaska Theater markings

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Dec 17, 2018
The P-40's used in the Alaska Theater had a theater markings on top of the horizontal stabilizer. Can anyone offer dimensions or T.O. for these markings. Or other places to look for this detail?
Most aircraft don't seem to have it, but the ones that do looks like they just painted the aft most panel of the horizontal stab.


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I like this P-40 in AK photo not only because it shows an operational mission but also because it shows such a variety of P-40's, ranging from what must be E models to N's that must be at least an N-5. Clearly the P-40 was a long lived aircraft, even in the Alaskan Theater. Note that the N's do not seem to have the white cross markings on the tails.
Did the srossed ones uses other graded fuels? Seen white crosses, although much smaller, on p-38 and p51

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