Pacific Fighters

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Jan 17, 2007
Hello to All
Just picked up Pacific Fighters. I've had IL2 from when it was released. I thought it time for a new flight sim. One that I could understand the language. English. After only two days I thought I would like others to dish out some comments, hints, ideas or anything at all regarding PF (standalone)
Any good standalone missions and stuff like that. Ok! I am not sure about PF, but like I said its only been two days. Sometimes I ask myself do I want realism or arcade? For arcade purposes only which do you suggest and why?
Thank All
Not sure if there are add on's for Pacific Fighters but I would buy them if there were. Missions are very lite for US Army, RAF, RAAF, ect. Only the US Navy and IJN seem to have complete campaigns.
Get IL2 Sturmovik 1946: it includes IL2 (+all patches), PF (+ all patches) and new planes, plus some bug fix.

Also, download the 4.071 free patch after installing IL2-46

This is the latest update of this simulation game, and almost every host run this version for online play

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