Photo requairesF3H-1 Demon

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Jan 3, 2007
Mcdonnel F-3 Demon does has been in service in US navy for sure. Why I search using google, there is so few picture of it showed on internet? Who can post more photos of Demon here?
I think I have one, but I will have to look. I think I have got one you might not have that I got by using a few different search engines.
Search the emule network, you'll find lots of books (including f3h demon).

I have the digital (pdf) book about f3h demon, but I don't know it is allowed for sharing scanned book in this forum.
I've a couple in the files, too, but I don't really feel like dragging out the storage box; not as long as there's Google

F3H - Google Image Search

There is also an F3H Demon Driver web site at

F3H Demon Drivers

In the attic, I've an old McDonnell-Douglas builders display model of the F3H that's so old it is moulded in dark blue [ and, yes, I remember when USN planes were dark blue :) ]


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