Please could anybody help identify this clock

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Graham Allan

Feb 13, 2023
Hi there,
I've come across this old clock, and was wondering if anyone could help identify it, or let me know how to go about it.
Many thanks
But there is something wrong with the clock. There should be a data plate at the back of the watch-case. Also it can be either the A.M. logo or a kind of sticker at least. Meanwhile, there is no a such plate and the traces of scratching can be noticed there.


There is a faint trace of the bottom of an A M on the back of the case, and 3879 punched into the back, which matches the number on the front. Curious - why would the crown have been scratched off?
It's quite difficult to say. Pehaps he wanted to hide something or the case isn't the original one although that fits. It looks like these clocks were made by the Carley & Clemence and the S Smith & Sons manufacturers. Your is the RS Smith & Sons (MA) LTD London judging by the stamped markings on the dial.
Removing the AM Stamp -serial or the data plate was a way of making the item Anonymous cannot be traced , so the holder cannot be potentially held accountable.
From all accounts during WW2 aircraft clocks were very desirable, from small boys to adults during the Battle of Britain grabbing clocks out of crashed aircraft, here in
Australia an Elgin clock disappeared from a P40 at 3 OTU at RAAF Base Mildura, the CO closed the entire base down for the weekend whilst searchers were was never
found. On a lot of American clocks you can see the holes for the rivets to hold the data plate....

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