Polish ace in 23rd FG

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Jun 2, 2005
Hey. I'm looking for an information about Witold Urbanowicz as he fight in 23 FG. He flew in 75 FS. He was the only polish pilot, wchich fought against the Japan. Polish aircraft statistic says, that he shot down 2 Ki-43 near Nanchang on 11 december 1943r. But in his memorials he wrote, that he shot down 5 planes and wrecked 6 on the ground. But he never demend to credit this victories.

I read Molswort "23 FG" and his memorials. And these books (very interesting) didn't satisfy me. I'm looking for some more information. Maybe someone know more about Urbanowicz and his China episode. Maybe somone has got 23 FG Chronicle.


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