Polish Air Force on September 1, 1939....

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    Was wondering if I can get some input from the experts on here about a blog I found yesterday? Deadly Eagles: The Polish Air Force in 1939 : Great History Was wondering how factual the writers statements are? If true, imagine if the Poles had a 100 PZL P.50 Hawks in service during the invasion?


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    The info about the September Campaign and Polish pilots there is correct . The data of the Polish and the German Air Strength may vary slightly comparing to other sources. But it seems to be fine too. As far as your imagination about the number of the PZL P-50 Hawk and its effect that might make an influence on the battle is concerned... for sure the German losses would be greater. But it must be said that the Polish system of air defense, communication and supply providing would have to be changed totally. 100 fighter planes without the proper ground service and commanding systems couldn't have a profound effect on the course of the war. Also the battle in the air was a part of the campaign only. But the main struggling was resting on the Army at that time. The strict co-operation between the Army and the Air Force ( also between the Fighter and Bomb squadrons ) was the key to a victory. Unfortunately the fighter and bombing units were dispersed with different operational units ( Armies or Regiments ) and didn't belong togehter. The only bomb unit that was commanding centrally was the Bomber Brigade using 36 PZL.37 Łoś and 50 PZL.23 Karaś. Of course it wasn't enough to stop the German invasion.

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