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Sep 19, 2012
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We routinely get questions on what prop is that or what prop does this blade fit etc.

I know a lot of propeller documents have been posted to the forum but they are all over the place.

Being lazy I thought it might help if they had a single page that people can post prop manuals to and or link other prop manuals on the forum to.

So my first offering is this one. OCR's and watermarked to reduce scum selling copies. You are free to give it to anyone else you want to



  • 03-20-1 Propellers & Governors for Service Aircraft (45-05-15)ww2...pdf
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Add your own and any others you come across and it will make it easier for all of us
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A Public propller manuals collection in this folder:

alternate link with access code 1234

There're these 9 manuals:

There's another interesting public manuals shared publicly on MT Propller 's official website for advertisement:

alternate link with access code 1234
Disclaimer: These items are shared for reference, sharing for non-profitable use only.
This manuals and blueprints are not meant to be used for current update material for certification / repair, but make an excellent reference for the scholar, collector, modeler or aircraft buffs .... For proprietary reasons we generally only share manuals on very-old or publicly-available Aircraft / Engines / Helicopter. The information is for reference only and we do not guarantee the accuracy or currency of any manuals.

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Some recent ones from other members include this excellent video from Tom Fey

There are two prop manuals from pb43 in the manuals I posted at Some assorted French publications

Attached are some more prop pubs from pb43. The first is the Aeroproducts prop used on the Lockheed L-188 Electra. Finicky buggers to set up but after that virtually trouble free. It was two files but I merged, OCR'd and shrunk them.

Another Aeroproducts prop - for the P-63.


  • A6441FN propeller school notes OCR.pdf
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  • 03-20EE-1 Propeller A642S.pdf
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