Propeller hub to ID

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When Engineman ID'd a propeller for us about 2 weeks ago, he saw a prop hub in the background of one of the photos. That hub is for an Fw-190. But we do have another prop hub that we have been cleaning, and we don't know what it is for. We have now removed enough crud that you can see some detail. I took pictures posted below yesterday.
Prop hub 1.JPEG
Prop hub 2.JPEG
Prop hub 3.JPEG
Prop hub 4.JPEG
The person doing the cleaning ("CJ") cannot find any numbers on this hub. I can't find any either. I find it very strange that there are no numbers at all. I note that the hub is relatively small, and conclude that it goes with a less powerful engine.
Hi Larry,

I think that this is a Ratier electrical propeller hub. Have a look at the recent Tom Fey posts on the Technical threads, he posted a video there a couple of weeks ago.



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