Protect Survive.....

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Picture the same thing in a red Mountie coat, with the hat!
That would basically be the Canadian version! :lol:

"Take a bite out of crime!"
Oh no! Bert is from the States. Nah, the top link, 'Protect and Survive' is what we had in the way of civil defence info. Nothing for the children.

Though I wish we had had something like that - very memorable.

I'll ask my parents if there was anything though, since they were teenagers when the Cuban Missile Crisis was on.
Alright, so red undulating lines mean an attack is imminent, and green ones mean all is clear. Got it! :thumbleft:
And be sure to turn off the gas and electricity! :shock:
You personally might not have needed any leaflets at all!

Considering your area of expertise, your name might have been on a secret list of people who would suddenly find themselves ordered to man and maintain this place.

That was at least the case over here. People wouldn't have know that they had been reprieved from Armageddon until things started looking really grim, and they started moving key staff and personnel to the bunker before an attack.

As well as the political and military leaders you'd expect, some of the people on these lists were doing quite regular 9 to 5 jobs in the Government and local councils, secretaries and clerks for example.
Ah yes, the "Diefenbunker". :lol:
I doubt I would have been picked. We still had something resembling an Air Force, back then. :rolleyes:
Lots of personnel to choose from right there. Heh! Maybe grandad was on the list!
It looks a really good museum - properly financed and well organised.

In the U.K, we're only now coming round to the fact that enthusiasm without substance is never going to be enough, and are beginning to adopt a more hard-headed and professional approach to these projects.
Yeah, they've brought out that leaflet that is called "Bend over backwards and kiss your arse goodbye"

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