Radiator concept similarity question: Hawker Tempest I vs Hawker Fury I vs DH Mosquito vs DH Hornet

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Nov 3, 2022
Mansfield, Ohio, USA
I'm wondering about the similarities and differences in concept between these leading edge radiators and how they compare and contrast. I'm familiar with the Mosquito and Hornet and the similarities and differences between them, but less so with the Hawker concepts for the Tempest I and Fury I, both with each other and vs the de Havilland solutions. Anyone have any further info? Only additional thing I know is that the Fury's oil coolers weren't wing mounted like on the Tempest, due maybe in part due to the shorter wing span between the fuselage and cannons, and according to one drawing, the supercharger intakes for when the tropical filter is activated are wing root mounted inside of the rad ducts.
I do have to make a correction based on what I saw earlier on a IWM preview photo. The supercharger air filter on the Sabre Fury seems to be on the underside of the nose instead of under the fuselage below the supercharger.

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