Republic P-47D-25 Basic Weight and Loading Data

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Feb 23, 2005
I have purchased from Essco a copy of the P-47D-25 Basic Weight and Loading data published by Republic Aviation Corporation.

Most if not all of us have repeatedly seen the "Normal Loaded Weight" figure listed as 14,600lbs.

These documents do not list "Normal Loaded Weight" but instead list the "Combat Condition" which is described as full internal fuel and a "normal" ammunition load.

The weight is listed at 13,580lbs.
Oops, I take that back. It was not published by Republic Aviation. I assumed it was because Essco has it in the same cover as the performance data publication published by Republic Aviation for the "M" and "N" models.

This is a Technical Order dated November 10, 1944. It is an Amendment to the "Aircraft File" and notes that "The Commanding Officers of Stations and Bases will insure that the Technical Order is brought to the attention of Weight and Balance Officers under their jurisdiction."
Hmmm.... That difference could be a simple equipment change, maybe like a radio or piece of navigation equipment?!?
The difference is 1,020lbs.

Maybe it's an on board astronomical observatory. :lol:

The radio equipments is listed as:

C-1 Radio SCR-274N @ 82lbs
C-2 Radio SCR-522 @ 96lbs
C3 Radio SCR-695 @ 38lbs
C-4 Radio SCR-535 @ 32lbs
Radio Instruction Book @ 1lb

Total weight - 249lbs

These components and their weight are already figured in the "Combat Condition" check list.
I have also purchased the "1944 Joint Fighter Conference" which I was hoping would arrive today as well but unfortunately, it did not.

When it comes, I will start a fresh thread for data and comments, from the report. I am hoping that it will offer good analysis and insights into many fighter aircraft.
Good stuff!
A side note - 4 "lowtech" radios IN THE p-47 - 248 pounds! In my Cessna 150 sits a Garmin XL 300 Moving Map GPS 720 channel VHF nav com that automatically tunes the radio when overflying a specified airport and automatically warns you when entering restricted or controlled airspace. Total weight - 2 POUNDS!
I also have the weight loadings for the P-47D-10 model which was an earlier "D" variant. It is listed as weighing in at 13,496lbs in "Combat Condition" (full internal fuel and "normal" ammunition load).

The later D-25 variant weighs 84lbs more at 13,580lbs.
The charts list the empty weight of the P-47D-25 at 10,250lbs. The "Combat Condition" weight is at 13,580lbs.

The 14,600lb figure most often seen represents 1,020lbs over and above "Combat Condition" weight which may have been the additional weight of two 500lb bombs. (I'm just guessing)

At any rate, the 14,600lb figure appears to be incorrect if understood to be with full internal fuel and normal ammunition load.

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