Request information on "Victor" "William" "Xray" "Yoke" intercept formations in the Pacific War

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    Hello everybody!

    I am new to this forum, even though I have monitored it for quite some time

    I decided to write this post in order to ask for more information about a puzzling excerpt from a book I was reading

    The book title is

    F4U. Corsair vs Ki-84 "Frank" by Edward M. Young

    On Page 87 (GooglePlay Book edition) it says:

    "Approaching the intercept point, fighters would shift to one of four formations -- designated "Victor," "William," "X-ray," or "Yoke" -- depending on visibility, the accuracy of the estimated altitude of the enemy formation and whether or not it was escorted. "

    The book describes in a few sentences the purpose of these formations (put the interceptors above the incoming enemy formation) but it does not have any illustrations or diagrams. So, I am wondering if anybody here is familiar with interception tactics during the Pacific War and knows more about the terminology and tactics related to the types of formations named in the book.
    I would be also grateful if anybody can post illustrations/diagrams of these fur different formations. I understand that this is quite a difficult question to ask,but this is the reason for coming here. I assume if there is anybody knowing this type of detail, he will be a member of a forum like this one.

    Thank you

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