Russian Ekranoplans: Mosters of the Caspian

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Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Even for those who have seen these beasts before, this is a great slide show for your files. The pictures are very detailed and demonstrate the sheer audacity of Soviet engineering. Enjoy.


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Well, technically they do "fly". But Adler is right. If by "fly", you mean about 5-20m depending upon the ekranoplan, its load and the sea state.
Okay, I had forgotten about that part as it was a while since I read the blurb about them. I was being tongue in check that they employed descendents of those that had designed most of the French bombers such as the Bloche something...
Yep, the Ekranoplans was sure a monster. Shows what can happen if you have access to too many engines while having a few vodkas!

Too true, still interesting idea. Employs the same effect type thing, so I believe as a hovercraft. Doubt they will ever take passengers as efficiently as a hovercraft though...

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