SB2C Helldiver weapons configurations?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Johnny .45, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Vermont. That's a state in the US, if you hadn't heard of it.
    I read several conflicting and/or ambiguous things regarding what loads an SB2C could carry. I've decided that the truth is that it could carry 3,000lbs of bombs (2x 1000lb in the internal bay, 2x 500lbs on wings). Some places aren't clear whether it's 1,000lbs on the wings TOTAL, or per wing, but I'm assuming that it's the former.
    That said, I'd like other details. The later SBD's carried a 1,600lb armor-piercing bomb; could the SB2C could carry a single one of these instead of two 1,000 HE bombs? Did they have 1,000lb AP bombs as well? Were there only two attachment points in the bay, or could they load, say, four 500lb bombs instead of two 1,000lb bombs?
    Also, what about the rockets? Could an SB2C carry bombs on the wing stations as well as a load of rockets, or was it one or the other? How about the SB2C-4E, with the APS-4 radar pod? It took up one of the hardpoints, but could it carry a 500lber on the other wing? Could it carry rockets as well as the radar?
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