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Master Sergeant
Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

I got a weird question for you.

In the game "Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines", there is a kind of box at the back of the SDKFZ 231 described as being a fuel tank. After searching for images on Googles, I found out that SDKFZs didn't have a fuel tank there. It had either a spare tyre or nothing at all.

Was there a type of SDKFZ that had a fuel tank at its back or was it an invention from Eidos Interactive to make the game easier ?

I attached a screenshot of the game's SDKFZ 231.


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I remember that mission - and loved that game. While I have never actually seen a picture with a fuel tank on the back (I've never looked for it), the odds are they did have them retrofitted in the field. But I'll have to look more closely at my pictures then I'll get back to you.
P38 Pilot said:
Thats a great observation Maestro. What, does the Half-track explode when you hit it in the rear?

Absolutely. Use a relatively strong weapon like a machine-gun (I think standard 9 mm don't work for this) and it blows up.

However, I love to steal the Panzers in those games. Get into a Panzer III or IV and nothing can stop you... except a cannon or a river.

Too bad my version of that game doesn't work on XP... It sucks ! I have both "Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines" and "Commandos : Call Of Duty" but no one works.

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