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Lightning Guy

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Apr 29, 2004
Hey guys. I am looking for any information on the Seafire, particulary the Mk. 47. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Seafire, particulary the Mk. 47

i think the Mk.47 that you're talking about is actually the spitfire Mk.47, not the seafire Mk.47, the Mk.47 spitfire was a seafire, it was just because it was an earlier Mk it kept the name spitfire............
The last model of 'Spitfire' was the Mk.24, which first flew in February 1946. The only Squadron to be equipped with the Mk.24 was 80 Squadron, receiving their first Mk.24 in January 1948 and finally relinquishing them in December of 1951.

The Mk.47 was a 'Seafire', as were the earlier Mk.45's and 46's. The 47 first flew on 25th April 1946, entering Squadron service with 800 Squadron, FAA, in June 1947 after the successful completeion of carrier handling trials on the 13-15 May 1947. Only 90 units were produced, the first 16 having the 2,145hp Griffon 87 engine, the remainder being equipped with the 2.350hp Griffon 88. All units had the six bladed contra-rotating propellors.

800 Squadron (based on HMS Triumph and also flying from Singapore) used the Mk.47 in action against communists terrorists in Malaya in late 1949. Later they were in action over Korea, flying again off HMS Triumph from July to October 1050. Mainly ground attack and escort duties. The Sqaudron returnewd toEngland in November 1950 and was disbanded. Trainign and reserve units continued using the Seafire Mk.47 for a further four months, when it was withdrawn from service.

The Mk.47 had an Empty Weight of 3459kg, and a max Take-off Weight of 5783kg.
Armament consisted of 4 x 20mm cannon in wings, with provision for 2 x 113kg bombs or eight rockets.
Max speed was 393 kts (727 km/h) at 20,599ft, 308 kts (568km/h) at sea level.
Initial climb rate was 4800ft/min (1463m/min), with a time to 20,000ft of 4.9 minutes.
Max range, with drop tank, was 817nm (1515km).
Does anyone know the range minus the drop tank? Or what the capactiy of the drop tank was?

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