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Dec 3, 2003
I have a question.

Was the Supermarine Seafire put into service before the wars end? If so, how much action did it see?


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I think it was in the war abit but my knowlege on this varient in foggy,but its an awsome plane ive seen one
Viper said:
I think it was in the war abit but my knowlege on this varient in foggy,but its an awsome plane ive seen one


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A Good book to read about the Seafire is "They Gave me A Seafire" by Commander Mike Crossley , although it is not a history of the Seafire , it talks about his Fleet Airarm days when he first flew Sea Hurricanes , on HMS Eagle which sank during Operation Pedestal , and then later when the squadron he was in got Seafires , which he flew right up to late 1945 .

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Awesome pic Crazy ! - My research states that the RN found a partial solution to the problem of out-dated fighters by adapting them for Carrier ops, like the Hurricane, as between the two Wars, the RN's carrier-borne aircraft evolved much slower than the Land-based forces. In late 1941 they decided to adapt the Spitfire in similar fashion, the Seafire IB [ 166 conversions from Spitfire VB airframes ]; Mk.IIC [ 372 aircraft intended for low medium-altitudeair combat reconnaisance ]; 30 Mk. III [Hybrid] aircraft with fixed wings, followed by 1220 examples of the definitive Seafire III with folding wings; and the Seafire Mks XV, XVII, 45, 46 AND 47, these being the Griffon-engined variants. The Seafire saw much action in the MTO in the summer of 1943, and in the Pacific in 1945. - In Nov. 1942, 801 807 Sqn.'s provided air cover for the Allied landings in N. Africa [Operation Torch] - On the 8th Nov., 801's Lt. G.C. Baldwin scored the first Seafire kill, shooting down a Vichy-French Dewoitine D520. - The Seafire 47 took part in air strikes post-war, against Malaya N. Korea, from the HMS. Triumph....

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