Searching for info: Lt. B.B. McLeroth and 250 RAF Sqn P-40s

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Adrian Parker

Apr 2, 2018
New Zealand
Hello all,
I am trying to obtain information regarding a family member of my wife as well as details of the P-40 he was killed in.
Does anyone have details of P-40s which were based out of Cervia, Italy in the early part of 1945. The Squadron specifically is 250 RAF (Sudan) squadron. I would like to build a 1/32 P-40N which was being flown by this family member - Lt. Bernard Bertram McLeroth. He was shot down and killed on 22/04/1945 whilst on a strafing run of Germans crossing the River Po (to the North of Ferrara, Italy). This happened about 9 days before the Sqn stood down from hostilities. Lt. McLeroth was seconded to the RAF from the SAAF. The P-40 he was flying was FX820 - USAF serial 43-23773. I believe this aircraft had been transferred from 5 Sqn (SAAF) about a week prior but have no proof of that – just what someone stated on another forum.

Any details about camouflage, markings, aircraft letter code (Squadron – LD) and similar would be greatly appreciated. Top prize to anyone who finds a picture of this aircraft (but I know that's highly unlikely). Thanks.

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