Sniper Elite

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Senior Airman
Aug 8, 2005
Not strictly Aviation but hey, it features the Me163, Me109 (B G) and Ju57, although you don't pilot them. Also a crashing Soviet bomber (moving too fast to make out) what looks to be B17's.

Anyway it's a good, cheap WW2 game.
There are not such plane. schwarzpanzer where have you ever heard of this plane? You maybe meant the Ju-87.

Yes loomaluftwaffe, it's cheap but 'quality'.

It also has co-op 2 player mode.

BEWARE - This is one of the most graphically violent games available (if not the).

- Though there is a way to tone it down (bullet cam - OFF).
I played this game last year, and I realy enjoyed it.
The main thing I didn't like was when you took your shot, if you missed or not, every bot in the area knew exactly where you were. At times I think I did more machine gunning than sniping. :)

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