Spark plugs

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Nov 1, 2022
Hi there everybody
So someone found a LODGE spark-plug in some aircraft wreckage in Italy in September 1943 but he was only 8 years old and was unable to identify the plane.

My queries are all related to identification of this plane, bearing in mind it could only have been an A-36, a P-40L, a P-38, or a Spitfire (these were the planes operating in that theatre at that time).

1) a) Were LODGE spark plugs only used on British-produced engines (eg the Merlin), or would they have also been available - and actually used - on the US version of the Merlin (ie the
Packard 1650)?
b) So could this plane have been either a P-40L or a Spitfire?
2) a) More generally, could (and did) US-made aircraft use LODGE (or other British) spark plugs?
b) so could this plane have also been either a P-38 or A-36, using Allisons?

The issue is not so much the type or size of plug, simply were British and US plugs interchangeable?

Thanks in advance


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