Spitfire Vb Tropic

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Jun 28, 2005
Hy everyone

I have a Little problem. I have take a Italeri kit makete of Spitfire Vb tropic at 1:72 and I am surprise because I now that Spit Vb tropic have Short wings but in the box, I sow that I can make that spit with short wing or with complete ellipse wing.

My question is: what variant of Spit Vb have short wing and what variant have complete ellipse wing?
What do you mean, exactly? Some Vb were clipped and others weren't. Are you asking for the squadrons that had clipped wing Vbs?
I want to now that the tropic Spitfire Vb, use in North Africa have the short wing or not.
I've never seen a Vb-Trop clipped wing, so I assume they were all normal wing.
this one have fought in Malta.


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That's a model... :lol:

Well, it's really up to you. There were some that were CW and others that weren't. The RAF didn't make a new mark for CW Spitfires...
Personnally, I built 5 Spitfires (one Hasegawa Mk. VIII, one Hasegawa Mk. IX, two ICM Mk. IXs and one Tamiya Mk. Vb Tropic (and all at the 1:48 scale)) and I never used other wings that the standard type.

Why ? Because most squadron from wich the models were based on had standard wings. If I can give you a tip, search for information about your squadron on the net, and see wich kind of wing they used on their Mk. Vb.

And before some of you ask me why the hell I built three Mk. IXs, well, it was because (1st) it's my favorite Mark and (2nd) the two ones from ICM where part of a 3 planes box called "Husky Operation". That box included 1 American Mk. IX (that I converted to Clostermann's Mk. IX from 341 Squadron), one RAF Mk. VIII (that I converted in a 602 Sqadron Mk. IX) and one American P-51B. That box was originally priced at 72.00$ (CAN) but I got it at 49.00$ (CAN).

Why did I changed their squadrons ? That's because ICM decals sucks ! I had to order new decals from Eagle Strike. So now I have 2 Spitfire Mk. IXs from 602 Squadron and one from 341 Squadron. If I can grab a digital camera, I'll post some shots in the model thread.

By the way, buy models from ICM only if you don't care to swear at them. Some pieces doesn't fits and have to be sanded. Some others (like wings) don't have the good angle. In comparison to my Mustang Mk. III from Tamiya, the P-51B had flat front wings and his right back wing had a 15 degrees lift compared to the left one that was flat.

Anyway... I think I'm getting off-topic. So, in short, search the internet and try to find the squadron and a picture of their Mk. Vb. That's what I almost always do.

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