Storch and Argus As 10 engines

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    New user here.. and I am obsessed with the Fi 156 "Storch" :)

    I can't get enough info is the Argus As 10 engine usage. Pretty much all the sources universally agree that the Argus As 10 C-3 (240 hp) engine was used for the plane. However, I have also found multiple sources (mostly of German origin which I tend to trust) that claim some of the variants (starting with C-3s) were equipped with either Argus As 10 P-1 (270 hp) or even Argus As 10 R engines.

    They mention that the reason we see engine cowlings removed in some of the photos is because the P engines tended to overheat (later solved with factory-solution by installing larger oil coolers). Also, that the D "ambulance" Storch versions greatly benefited from the extra horse power of the P engine. Apparently, only P and R versions had an electrical ignition system (starter).

    Anyway, this is all I can find on the P engine usage. Has anyone have any other info on the subject?

    Sources that mention P engine variant in one way or another are:

    - Manfred Griehl, „Flugzeug-Profile #34: Fieseler Fi 156 Storch“, 1991
    - Jerry l. Campbell , „Fieseler Fi-156 Storch in action, Aircraft No. 198“, ISBN: 0-89747-493-7, 2005
    - Randy Wilson, „Flying the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch“, 1995, The Dispatch magazine, Volume 20, Number 2, Summer

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    Slightly OT, Argus AS-10 C3 Engine's manual scanned; the site has several 'Storch' related material as well

    Argus As 10 C-3

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