Stow Maries Airfield

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Apr 23, 2005
I have just read that another little piece of aviation history is going to be restored over the next few years. Stow Maries is the only WW1 airfield that still exists in more or less its original condition. It has recently been purchased by a two people who want to move their business there but also wanted to restore it. There efforts have been greatly assisted by an award of GBP 1,500,000 and work will take approx 5 years. Already there are 24 protected building on the airfield including the original Officers Mess, Pilots ready room Blacksmiths, aircraft radio room and Ambulatory. The restoration is to return it to WW1 standards with permanent period hangers and aircraft.

It will take time but its good to see interest growing with proper support from people and the authorities.
Good news. Looking forward to the future to see this one hopefully.


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