Taylorcraft Auster to help Royal Canadian Dragoons.

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Dec 19, 2022
Hello to you all.

As the tiltle shows I am looking for information regarding RCAF 664 SQ. They flew with the Taylorcraft Auster. On april 12 1945 they departed probably from RAF B.91 Gilze, the Netherlands to fly towards Mildam, Friesland. The RCD D SQ was in fight with Germans who pull back to Oranjewoud near Heerenveen, Friesland.

I do have the ORB from RCAF 664 SQ but I would like to know if there is more to see where and how these requests came in the 84 group.

Extact from my book: Regio tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog:

In the meadow south of the Wolvergasterweg, near the Singel an armored vehicle with a 75 mm artillery piece was set up, which launched its grenades via the Tjongerland towards Oranjewoud. The bombardment was led by an Auster reconnaissance aircraft, which monitored the impacts and was able to transmit the necessary corrections via radio communications. These Austers belonged to the Royal Canadian Air Force, from the 664th or 665th A.Op. Squadron. Sometimes, and certainly in this case, grenades were used (and shot towards Oranjewoud) with a so-called 'Canister' (anti-infantry) charge. The Canadians even had access to so-called separate loads for their pieces. This meant that first the grenade was placed in the armory and behind it the casing with a loose charge of cordite, which was adjusted to the shooting distance to the target. During the shelling, the writer stayed on the Vriesburgerweg behind Nijeholtpade and experienced the strange sensation that you could vaguely hear the somewhat whistling sound of the grenade over the Tjongerlanden, followed a little later by the bang of the shooting from the direction of Oldeberkoop. . Then, a little later, the explosion came from the direction of Oranjewoud.

The attachments shows the ORB from 12 april 1945.

Thank you in advance for any answer.
have a great weekend.


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