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Dec 11, 2015

I was looking for information on engine temperature gauges for air cooled German WW2 engines. In a picture of a JU88 G1, equipped with BMW 801D, the temperature gauges are the same as the ones for water cooled engines. The range is 0-130 C. I am not expert on running temperatures of air cooled German or any other country's engines, but shouldn't the gauge have a different range? Thanks. See picture of a G1 cockpit.


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There are various types of Temp gauges, Oil Temp, Coolant Temp, Cylinder Head Temp, Exhaust Temp, etc..

Your photo most likely shows two Oil Temp gauges.

This photo shows four Temp gauges, most likely Oil and Coolant.

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Most air cooled cylinder head temperature gauges use thermocouples fitted in place of the gasket under the spark plug and read much higher - typically around 350C on allied aircraft.

Some later engines had the probe built into the cylinder head.
Thank you - oil temperature gauges - that sounds so reasonable....I wonder why unlike say the Americans, cylinder head temperatures were not monitored here.

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