Today's Condor

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Oct 30, 2006
Sintra - Portugal
The Condor today. Again problems with paint; next time I must search paint who no tamiya or revell!


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Hi Wurger;
Revel's paint are very condensed and with a texture arenose. Tamiya it´s better but the colors are defferent of reality; for exemple the AS-23 (light green luftwaffe) s completely diferent of the colors I see of pictures of IIwar planes.
Now I see.It is true the Revell paints are condensed.But you have to use an enamel Revell thiner or Humbrol one ( for oil enamels or acrylic ones I don't know which kind of them you use) to dilute the paints.If you use an airbrush the colours have to be much more diluted.As far as their colour tonality is concerned.The best way to see what is a real colour of a paint you have, before you start painting of a model of course, is to use a sheet of white or light grey cardboard and paint the enamels on it.It doesn't matter what is a shape of painted areas, they can be boxes or stripes,but it is important to paint quite big ones ( 6x4 cm or so so).When the sample is dry ( you can use a hair-dryer to dry it faster) you can compare it to the one in the pics.If it isn't you can add a drop of white,black or others you need to make the proper colour tonality.And compare it again.You can repeat the procedure as many times as the colour tonality will be the one you need.That is all about the manual method of obtaining colours.Certainly the easiest method of this is to buy enamels of other firms :Gunze,Xtracolor or even Humbrol.But I should you warn, even in the case you can be discontented because in the pictures especially in these that were initially black&white and colourized later the colours can be different from reality.
More pictures


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Yes,very nice model but I'm not surre about the white colour on both sides of the fuselage.
Fatucmean, are you surre of this or it is an effect of your camera and we can see the white "snakes" instead of the other colour?
Yes, the engines are interestings and complex to built with the details they have, but it was a good challenge.
About the white "snakes" they was real in the Norway's camouflage in the planes of the Vaernes's base (III,/Kampfgeschwader 40). I failed just one thing: Used normal White instead white Matt
I failed just one thing: Used normal White instead white Matt

Ah, therefore the white colour seems to be much white than it should be.I've found a colour profile of Fw200 with similar camo in a book about Condor.But the "snakes" :lol: seem to be much more thiner than the ones on your models.Of course it doesn't mean that your are wrong.The model looks very nice and I like it. :D

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