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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
hi guys,

i've found a great site about the Swedish Lancaster, problem is it's in Swedish, i can work out parts of it because i have a lot of the background info already, but i wanted to translate it to see if there was anything else interesting, and so my search began. I found lots of professional translating services, lots of sites that could convert from English to Swedish, lots of sites that could do the main European languages, i did manage to find one site that could do it, but everytime i tried it said it was too busy until the point it wouldn't do anything at all, no matter how specific or broad my search, nothing, anyone know of any? incidentally the site is

I do it on this side,maybe it can be good for anyone else too.

Avro Lancaster B Mk.1

At the start of years 1950 took Flygförvaltningen contact with the the British air transport ministry with the intention that about possible to buy an Avro Lancaster. The reason each that the the domestic jet engine development at STOLE in Finspång now come so longly, special what concerned the jet engine RM 4 Dovern, that testflying was near. Avro Lancaster was considered particularly appropriate that, after konvertering and rebuilding, be used as flying sample bench wide the the imminent air transport samples with Dovern. English air transport engine producers as Rolls Royce, Armstrong Siddeley m.fl had earlier for your physicals of jet engines used modified Lancaster as "flying physical bed".

Flygförvaltningens framställan resulted in purchases of an Avro Lancaster Mk 1 with earlier RAF serial RA 805. In June 1950 was started in Hamble rebuilding of the aeroplane, which in front meant that the was provided with a big engine gondola during the abdomen suitable to hold Dovernmotorn. Bombtray was strengthened and was provided with mounting and engine footholds, concurrent as the body's underside was dressed with stainless plate in order to eliminate structure damages, and that also sporrstället was done infällbart. Behind cocpit, on the previous radiotelegrafistens place, was installed an extensive control panel, which was monitored of that engineer as been responsible for the engine samples.

The aeroplane came in the air force that few term Tp 80 with registration numbers 80001. At the start of May 1951 delivery was flown the aeroplane from Great Britain to Försökscentralen (FC) on Malmslätt, where the aeroplane also was based. After complementary works in connection with intallationen of a sample engine could the the first air transport sample with RM 4 Dovern be implemented June 27, 1951. When Dovern-projektet unfortunate was put down during years 1952 The engine had been tested during varying operation relations in around numbers in 130 hours, hanging during Tp 80.

The spring 1953 was built Tp 80 about in order to also used stem samples with the with afterburner developed DH Ghost - RM 2B suitable for aeroplanes J 29F. In February 1956 was started also air transport samples with engine RM 6A (role's Royce Avon) equipped with a new type of afterburner, and intended for J 35A and J 32B. In connection with an of these samples, May 8, 1956, totalcrashed the aeroplane besides Slaka church southwester of Linköping. Of the four pilots succeeds two save itself with parachute, while the other two died

Avro Lancaster was one of the world war's more legendariska bombing plain. Besides the service as flying sample bench, done therefore Tp 80 from time to time also service as objective air transport flat, d.v.s as "hostile bomb aeroplane".
Have a little hurry when i put it in,have no time to read over what there was,.
And as a Norwegian its sometimes not so easy to read swedish.Try to fix som of the words that was not translated, i am on work now,shall see later if there is more to change.
i live in Cornwall, here people from Devon are a rarity, let alone people from the continent ;)

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