Which transport had the most effect?

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Dec 3, 2003
Which transport do you think had the most impact and/or effect on the outcome of the war.

I say the C-47. Without it, the para-trooper landings at D-Day would have been rather interesting

I have the Horsa glider on there because it played a large role in post-D-Day operations, and the 323 because it's just cool 8) Not that they'll get any votes...
killing one? man, you've ruined the purpose of the 323! Try landing a one-oh-nine on the top of one. It can be done! I've seen screenshots of this feat
It was Vik that posted them, but either his bandwidth is dead, or he removed them :cry: :cry:

I liked my idea, though. 109 on a TB-3 under a bridge :twisted:
If anyone is listening where can i find good info on WW II fighters
well, here of course! im not talking about myself (obviously) but most of the people on the site are dead friendly and knwo loads about planes 8) (sorry for putting anyone in the spotlight :))
in my opinon, the ju-52 had the most impact during the war. without it, the landings on crete (which, in contrast to the normandy airborne ops, were successful) couldnt have been carried out. yet the c-47 succeeded very much in the aftermath of the war, namely in the berlin airlift.
Yeah Ju52's were getting shot down! :lol:
One could say that...

The "bat' was armed, though. The 52 only had a single gun, and that was only on one varient. Also had a 2000lb. bomb load, but could carry 4000lbs. if nessecary, whereas compared to the 'bomber' version of the 52, which could only carry 1,102lbs.


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Here! Just ask mate!

btw, I have (grudgingly) to go for the Dakota, although I far prefer the Ju 52 meself...

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