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Dec 26, 2003
i would like some pics and information of this... u can tell where i got it from but i dont read german and hot space seems good at finding stuff


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well, that's just takin the piss dt, that's just wrong..................
Amazing how the German airplane looks like a model for the USAF's F-82 Twin Mustang used in the Korean war as a radar plane. I am amazed how much the USA copied a lot of the German aircraft designs
Perhaps, but in light of the changing world politics of that time, it was felt that it would be a tremendous waste not to utilize his knowledge.

The American rocket program certainly didn't suffer for it! :-k
Just to remember : the ejection seat, the swept wing, the jet engine, the air-to-air-missile, the TV-guided-missile...etc. are german inventions, "inherited" by the Allies....... :tomcat: ;)
GermansRGeniuses said:
i would like some pics and information of this... u can tell where i got it from but i dont read german and hot space seems good at finding stuff

Damn I wish I knew my Italian planes as well back then as I do now, I woulda snapped that up.
Yes, I can remember when I saw this it looked familar but I just couldn't pin down in my mind where I had seen it before. The Germans designed some wierd aircraft though, like there were plans on the drawing board for circular VTOL aircraft. I know I had seen one or two at <www.luft46.com> and there are proably more type drawings that never survived the great dumping and burning of papers at the end of WW2 by the Germans. Therefore it is unknown exactly what else they had on the drawing board for 1946 and beyond.
the americans develped the bell x-5 from the me p-1101,the douglas xb-42 mixmaster from a focke wolf mixed powerplants night and all weather design II (jan 45), the mcdonnell xf-88 from a focke wolf twin engine design.
the russian developed the i-310 from the ta 183, sme say that the mig 15 is a direct desendant from the 183
I was informed by a Russian, long ago, that the MiG-9 was from the Ta-183 and then the MiG-15 was from the MiG-9. The MiG-15 was the grandson of the Ta-183.

With a Rolls Royce Nene engine.
Interesting how everyone who invents something thinks everone else is ripping off his ideas.

The twin Mustang owed nothing to the SM.92.

Go look at the history. The Allies didn't even know about the SM.92 until after the twin-Mustang proposals were already created.

The swept wing was explored in 1930s, specifically in 1936, by the Germans, and was announced to the world at that time. Due to the low speeds of which aircraft were capable at the time, no one studied it before the Germans did.

It helped the Me-262 and the Me-163.

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