VG.30 series Top Speed

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Jun 13, 2016
VG.30 and VG.33 speeds are from sources. Insufficient info on VG.31 so its not included. I have confusion between differences of VG.35 and VG.36. So i went with HS.12Y-51 for VG.35 and didnt include VG.36.

VG.34, VG.35 top speed is calculated from its power output and using VG.33 drag coefficient.
VG.39 is calculated from test flight result doing 625km/h at 5800m and then using D.524 speed graph (using same engine) as reference knowing it had 610km/h at 6000m to fill in the blanks to gain drag coeffient.
VG.39bis calculated using VG.39 drag coefficient. This only applies if the bis version keeps the same wing as VG.39 and doesnt go back to the original wing.

Rememeber guys, these are purely close estimated calculations but they give us a rough idea.

VG.30 - HS.12Xcrs
407km/h at SL (100%) - 650hp
458km/h at 4500m (100%)


VG.32 - V-1710-33
462km/h at SL (100%) - 860hp
492km/h at SL (WEP) - 1040hp
555km/h at 4500m (100%)


VG.33 - HS.12Y-31
442km/h at SL (100%) - 760hp
455km/h at SL (WEP) - 830hp
558km/h at 5200m (100%)


VG.34 - HS.12Y-45
464km/h at SL (100%) - 850hp
479km/h at SL (WEP) - 935hp
574km/h at 5500m (100%)


VG.35 - HS.12Y-51
465km/h at SL (100%) - 885hp
488km/h at SL (WEP) - 1025hp
620km/h at 6000m (100%)


VG.39 - HS.12Z-89ter
482km/h at SL (100%) - 1088hp
492km/h at SL (WEP) - 1160hp
505km/h at 1000m (100%)
532km/h at 2000m (100%)
555km/h at 3000m (100%)
580km/h at 4000m (100%)
607km/h at 5000m (100%)
625km/h at 5800m (100%)


VG.39bis - HS.12Z-17
491km/h at Sea Level (Military Power) - 1150hp
511km/h at Sea Level (WEP) - 1300hp
536km/h at Sea Level (Overboost) - 1500hp
674km/h at 7000m (Military Power) - 1080hp
717km/h at 7000m (WEP) - 1300hp
718km/h at 7000m (Overboost) - 1305hp


Engine Power Curves:

- HS.12Xcrs
650hp at Sea Level (Take off)
690hp at 3800m (100%)

- V-1710-33
860hp at Sea Level (100%)
1040hp at Sea Level (WEP)
970hp at 3700m (100%)

- HS.12Y-31
760hp at Sea Level (100%)
830hp at Sea Level (WEP)
860hp at 3150m (100%)

- HS.12Y-45
850hp at Sea Level (100%)
935hp at Sea Level (WEP)
920hp at 4200m (100%)

- HS.12Y-51
885hp at Sea Level (100%)
1025hp at Sea Level (WEP)
1000hp at 3250m (100%)

- HS.12Z-89ter (Early version)
1088hp at Sea Level (100%)
1160hp at Sea Level (WEP)
1200hp at ~5000m (100%)

- HS.12Z-17
1150hp at Sea Level (Military Power)
1300hp at Sea Level (War Emergency Power)
1500hp at Sea Level (Overboost)
1170hp at 6400m (Military Power)
1300hp at 7000m (WEP)
1500hp at 6000m (Overboost)
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