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Mar 28, 2006
Hi all,

First post, and wouldn't you know I'm already asking for stuff:rolleyes:

I look forward to helping where I can in the future but right now I have a request.

I play a WW2 flight sim call IL2 Forgotten Battles and one of the nice things about this sim is that you can make custom skins for the aircraft. I am trying to decide my next project at the moment and I have narrowed it down to a few planes. The one I am having the most trouble finding a good line drawing for is Any of the La5/F/FN series.

If someone could supply a link to a good template site, I would be most greatful.

Here is an example of one of my skins. A nice Finnish Hurricane:


EDIT: HA HA HA I guess I should have scrolled down further before posting. I see y'all know all about IL2, Doh.

Thanks for any help,

Well these are the only 2 that I have come up with when I did a search on the web and I dont think they will help you much.


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Flying-Legends is probably the best out there currently for their wide selection of skins, but most of those other sites are good too. Canon's Skins focuses mainly on Luftwaffe and VVS stuff, and he has some beautiful La-5/7 skins! 8)
Thanks, KraziKanuk.

I had already d/led those from the absolute slowest loading (but one of the better) Russian sites.


Took over an hour to D/L 2 megabytes, yikes!!

I have some questions about the first plan in your post. I figure that the first two are LA-5s. Followed by the 5F and 5FN. However after looking at various other site I see some discrepencies.

Most notably in the rivet pattern on the cowl as well as the panel (or lack of) under the cockpit. If I could get a definitive answer to which profile was which model, I would be a happy guy:)

Thanks again,

Freelancer, this site is quicker and has the same drawings, http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/la5.html.

Top to bottom > prototype, 5 early, 5F, 5FN. The 3rd image is of the standard production La-5.

There are other discrepincies, such as the antenna. The 5F had one of the wires running from the fin tip to the bottom of the mast. Only the early production as shown.

The 5 and 5F had no panel under the canopy >> when the exhaust collector was change to individual pipes.

The Squadron/Signal InAction book, #1169, on the La-5 has lots of photos. Hard to make out any rivet detail. I would use the rivet detail in Item 53 and 54 of the 3rd image.

Have you tried here? http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=frm&s=400102&f=45410763

Hope this helps?

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