what me 262 variant could carry R4M under wing or in container?

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aurelien wolff

Airman 1st Class
Sep 20, 2018
Concerning the R4M ,could it be carried by any me 262 variant (even the A2a,A1a/U4?)?
Every on of them (inluding the A2a , A1a/U4, B1a or A1a/U3)?

Me 262A-1 b, you have to have the rack launching ( simple wooden) mounted on the wing and the electric wiring to and from cockpit to fire. This was standard on the Me 262A-1 b
Only Me 262 A-1a Jäger could carry R4M rockets.
Pay attention, please : Me 262 A-1b was BMW 003 powered and it is not known if the three examples produced were so equipped. Likely not as they were only experimental planes.

By "could carry" I dont talk about operationnal aircraft,I was wondering what variant were suppose to have R4M or could use them (the A1a/U4 could use them I think this variant was suppose to be against bomber right?)

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