Breguet Br14 A2

Formerly 39.E.Br. It became 16 EW in April 1920. The unit insignia was a girl spreading flowers placed on the starboard side of the fuselage, the port side featured each pilot's personal marking. In October 1920, 16 EW was sent to Wilno in the fictional "MIddle Lithuanian" marking. This was a ruse to cover the attempt to regain control of territoy that was taken from Poland in the Russo-Polish war. After hostilites had ceased, a Polish force returned to the area and declared themselves to be "the free state of Middle Lithuania". Their markings were an amaranth and white striped rudder; on the wings there was a white outlined amaranth square on one wing and an amaranth outlined white square on the other.

Breguet Br14 A2
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