Bristol Buckingham

The Bristol Type 163 Buckingham was a British Second World War medium bomber for the Royal Air Force (RAF). Overtaken by events, it was built in small numbers, and was used primarily for transport and liaison duties. By the time the design entered production, the requirements had already changed, with attacks against German industry being covered by the US by bday and by RAF Bomber Command's de Havilland Mosquitos by night. The Buckingham was not considered suitable for unescorted daytime use over Europe, and in January 1944, it was decided that all Buckinghams would be sent overseas to replace Vickers Wellingtons. Once the Buckingham's handling problems were revealed, it was realised that the Buckingham was of little use and the Buckingham bomber was therefore cancelled in August 1944. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Spafi

Bristol Buckingham
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