Douglas Boston Mk.III

Shown here are Boston Mk.IIIs of No.24 Sqd, SAAF, over the Tunisian coastline. Note that the Dark Earth and Middle Stone camouflage of these aircraft blends well with the arid desert colours below. Taken from The Royal Air Force of World War two in Colour.

Douglas Boston Mk.III
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      Royal Air Force Boston IIIs were despatched to the Mediterranean in November 1942 to bolster the Bomber force in that theatre. There they equipped four R.A.F (No.13, 18,55 and 114). and two S.A.A.F. (Nos. 12 and 24) squadrons in North Africa, seeing a considerable about of action.

      The Boston IIIs were later supplemented by deliveries of Boston IIIAs with increased fuel capacity, Boston IVs and Boston Vs.

      The Boston IVs and Boston Vs differed from the earlier model primarily in powerplant and the installation of a Martin electric powered dorsal turret containing twin 0.5-inch machine guns.
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