This is a photo from pre-WWII (World War 2). It is of a platoon of the Japanese Army, and after discussions with a few Japanese junior high school history teachers, all seemed to agree that this combat unit was dressed before a possible invasion of China.

This is a photograph from a photo album I purchased at a garage sale in Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan back in the early 1990s. If I was to judge other photos in the album - photos that showed some automobiles, I'm apt to say that this is from the mid-1930s, contrary to one history teacher who seemed to think it was from the Taisho-jidai of 1912 - 1926... but it's simply too early in my estimation.

If any military experts out there can give me a better date by examining the rifles carried, the manner of dress... I would be appreciative.

The unit is dressed rather warmly, however... gloves on the officers and woolen hats... perhaps this is part of an attack on Siberia which did occur in 1918... the photo because of its size does seem out of place in the rest of the photo album...

About the only other thing I know, is that the photo was taken by Yamato Studio... with that printed in English, and an additional ya-ma-to written in Katakana, of all alphabets. The studio name et al is embossed on the print on the bottom right corner.
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