Junkers Ju 52

Built in larger numbers than any other European transport aircraft before or since, this extremely robust machine combined exceptional qualities of payload, STOL and all-round utility that resulted in a very long active life. The Ju 52 had a structure wholly of light alloy with corrugated skin and a very large cantilever wing-with patented 'double wing' flaps and ailerons giving great lift at low airspeeds. The fixed landing gear was almost unbreakable and on a few examples had spats; float-seaplane and ski versions were not uncommon. In World War II the vast numbers of Luftwaffe transports (more than 90% of which were of this basic type) changed landing gear to suit the local terrain and climate. With the popular name 'Tante Ju' (Auntie Ju) and 'Iron Annie', the most-produced wartime types were the 3mg5e, 7e, 8e and 14e, though differences were confined to such features as armament, loading arrangements, autopilot, glider couplings and crew armour. There were several non-transport versions, such as the g6eMS with a degaussing ring for exploding mines. Source: Info: Aviastar Profiles: Great Aircraft of the World Published by Colour Library Books Ltd. And: German Warplanes of World War II Published by Temple Press/Aerospace.

Junkers Ju 52
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