Martin Baker M.B. 5

Retaining the wings, undercarriage and fuselage primary structure of the M.B.3, the M.B.5, first flown on 23 May 1944, was considered by many to represent the peak of single-seat piston-engined fighter development. Powered by a Rolls-Royce Griffon 83 affording 1,900hp for take-off and driving a six-bladed counterrotating propeller, the M.B.5 carried an armament of four 20mm Hispano cannon. Lack of directional stability resulted in the introduction of taller vertical tail surfaces at an early flight development stage, but despite superlative qualities subsequently demonstrated, the M.B.5 proved of no more than academic interest to the RAF in view of the availability of jet fighters. Flight testing continued into 1947, the sole prototype being scrapped thereafter. Source: Info: Aviastar Profile: Wings Palette

Martin Baker M.B. 5
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