THIS WAR PRIZE (as they were called, back then) Messerschmitt Me.262A-1a Schwalde (Swallow) is shown in a hangar at RCAF Station: Downsview, in 1952. This Leslie Corness photo appears in the incredible CANAV book by Larry Milberry entitled, "The Leslie Corness Propliner Collection". A fantastic airplane photobook spanning almost five decades, featuring photographs taken by RCAF chaplain Rev. Leslie Corness. (of course, I own a copy!) This photo of Me.262A-1a, Luftwaffe 500210, in the CANAV book states that this Me.262 was posing for pics in Aylmer, Ontario. Nope. Notice the De Havilland Vampires in the background? There weren't any in Aylmer, but there were lots in Toronto. RCAF 400 Squadron based out of Toronto, had oodles of Vamps. That Me.262 is sitting right where the Canadian De Havilland Mosquito manufacturing line was during WW II! Right there in Downsview, right there in Toronto. Note the Junkers Jumo 004 B-1 turbojet on the ground underneath the 262's nose. Also note the RAF tail marking, RAF serial no. VH509 and the Air Ministry no. 52. This 262 was flight tested in Britain by the Royal Aeronautical Establishment…but was never flown in Canada. However, it was, for sure, fired up a coupla' times at Downsview. Two Me.262s were shipped to Canada for the National Research

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