Messerschmitt Bf 110C-1

Shown here is a Bf 110C-1 zerstorer.

Messerschmitt Bf 110C-1
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      Messerschmitt Bf.110C-1

      Country of origin: Germany

      Type: Two or three-seat Long-Range Fighter

      Powerplant: Two 1,050 hp (at take-off) Daimler-Benz DB 601A-1 12-cylinder liquid cooled (1,100 hp at 12,140 ft)

      Length: 39 ft 7.25 in
      Height: 13 ft 6.5 in
      Wingspan: 53 ft 3.75 in
      Wing area: 413.334 sq ft

      Empty: 9,755 lb
      Empty equipped: 10,769 lb
      Maximum overload: 14,880 lb

      Max Speed (13,289 load)at sea level: 295 mph
      Max Speed at 13,120 ft : 336 mph
      Maximum Cruising speed : 262 mph at sea level
      Maximum Cruising speed : 304 mph at 16,400 ft
      Maximum Cruising speed : 301 mph at 22,970 ft
      Economic Cruising speed : 217 mph at 13,780 ft
      Service ceiling: 32,810 ft
      Maximum Range (with normal internal fuel at maximum continuous cruise): 481 miles at sea level
      Maximum Range (with normal internal fuel at maximum continuous cruise): 528 miles at 16,400 ft
      Maximum Range (with normal internal fuel at maximum continuous cruise): 565 miles at 22,970 ft
      Maximum Range (with normal internal fuel at economic cruise): 680 miles at 13,780 ft
      Initial climb rate: 2,165 ft/min
      Time to 19,685 ft : 10.2 min

      Two fixed forward-firing 20 mm MGFF cannon with 180 r.p.g.
      Four fixed forward-firing 7.9 mm MG-17 machine-guns with 1,000 r.p.g.
      One flexible 7.9 mm MG15 in rear cockpit with 750 rounds.
    • Hobilar
      Once superceded by more improved models of the Bf.110, numbers of C-1s were later modified to become the Bf.110C-1/U1 glider tug.
    • Hobilar
      The Bf.110C-3 was essentially similar to the C-1, but with improved 20 mm MGFF cannons.
    • Hobilar
      The Bf.110C-1 was the mount of the first pilot to become an 'Ace' during the Second World War. This was Oberst Walter Grabmann of 1. Zerstorergeschwadert / LG 1 who, whilst providing cover for the Heinkel IIIPs of II/KG.1, downed five Polish PZL P.11s over Warsaw on the evening of the 1st of September 1939.
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