General Information Type P-63A-10 P-63C-5 Function Fighter, fighter-bomber Year 1943 1944 Crew 1 Powerplant Type Allison V-1730-93 Allison V-1710-117 Class 12-cylinder Vee, liquid-cooled Power at sea level 1,325hp Power at sea level (emergency) 1,500hp Power at sea level (with water injection) ? 1,800hp Power at 6,827m 1,150hp Size (m) Length 9.96 Height 3.84 Wingspan 11.68 Wing area (m2) 23.04 Weights (kg) and loads Empty 2,892 3,084 Loaded 3,992 Maximum 4,763 4,853 Wing load (kg/m2) 173 to 211 Power load (kg/hp) 3.0 to 3.7 Speed (km/h) at 1,524m 581 at 4,572m 631 at 7,620m 660 Max. cruising 608 Maneuverability Turn time ? Roll (m) Landing ? Takeoff ? Range (km) at 608km/h with 378l internal fuel 724 with one 227kg bomb 628km 515 with 795l ferry tank 4,144km 3,380 Flight endurance ? Ceiling (m) Service ceiling 13,106 11,765 Climb (min) 7,620m 7.3 8.6 Payload Fuel 378l internally plus up to 1,320l in 3 drop tanks Armament Gun type 1*37mm M-10 (a) 4*12.7mm Colt-Browning M-2 (b) Position Propeller shaft (a) 2 upper nose, 2 underwing gondolas (b) Ammo 58rounds (a) 270/200rpg (b) Salvo (kg/sec) 3.86 Bombs 3*227kg Rockets optional

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