PZL- 37 and Bf- 109

Hauptmann Hannes Gentzen, the commander of JG 102, opens his unit's scoring by shoting down a solitary "Los" polish medium bomber ( no. 72.18 ) of 211th Bomber Squadron, flying a reconaissance sortie. The bomber was crewed by Lt. Gorniak ( observer), Sgt. Zajdler (gunner), Cpl. Bonkowski (pilot) and LAC Puchala (gunner). The attacked aircraft crashed in the vicinity of the village of Rychlocice. Gorniak and Puchala were kiled in action.

PZL- 37 and Bf- 109
v2, Jul 25, 2006
    • Milos Sijacki
      Very good angle, almost movie like
    • Bob
      :?: Love the viewpoint/perspective of this picture. How do you guys find out so much about the events surrounding these pictures, or do you find the event, and the picture comes next? :confused:
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