The Italian submarine Uarsciek was on its twenty-fifth patrol on 15 December 1942 when sighted at 0305 hours in a glassy calm sea by lookouts in the destroyer HMS Petard. The latter was in company with the Greek destroyer HHMS Queen Olga, en route from Benghazi to Malta and about 50 miles from her destination. The submarine dived but HMS Petard obtained Asdic contact and dropped depth charges. The submarine went out of control and shot to the surface, when HHMS Queen Olga also attacked, causing more damage. HMS Petard switched on a searchlight, as shown here, and opened fire with her pom-poms and Oerlikons, killing the captain and some crew members. The Italians surrendered and the submarine was taken in tow but sank some hours later. The number of those killed, wounded or taken prisoner is not recorded. Ref: ADM 199/2060

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