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  • Hi Erich. I used to be a member a long time ago and I'm getting back into flight sims.

    I'm trying to find out more information that concerns the number of rustsatze kits associated with the fw 190a6. There's been statements that the A6 never used the R1 (wb151/20), R2 (mk108), or the R3 (mk103) in field/combat. The information that is being provided states that no serial production for these R kits. Your thoughts?
    Erich, unfortunately has a lot on his plate and has not been active for a while. I do not believe he will respond.

    What was your user name when you were a member a long time ago? Welcome back. You are more than welcome to become active again as well.
    Hello Eric,
    I'm planning on another P-61A in the near future and I would like to build the Wabash Cannonball IV. I have found several photos of this plane to include a walk around taken, I believe, near the end of the war. Do you have any photos I may be able to use for this project? Also, is there someone I can go to to get permission to post photos of this plane while I'm building it on this website?. It would be purely for educational purposes, no monetary gain, as I build this plane.


    I am looking for information on the Gruppenkommandeure of IV/JG3, Hptm. Hubert York-Weydenhammer. He replaced Major Moritz in Dec 5th 1944 and headed the IV/JG3 until he went MIA over Belgium on Dec 25th 1944. In a post on the Sturmbocks, you posted an account of him leading his gruppe on Dec 24th 1944 in an attack on the B17s of the 487th.

    Do you have any information on Hptm. York-Weydenhammer? I am trying to find photos of him and his plane. I have found lots of online photos of FW190 A8/R2 Sturmbocks of the IV/JG3 that have unknown pilots. I am hoping to identify him in one of these photos. Do you have any information or pictures of his plane's designation?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!
    I am seeking information from the 425th NFS. Specifically regarding my uncle 1st Lt Carl H Byars, a P61 pilot, who was killed Dec 27 1944. He was awarded the DFC sometime prior to his death and I would like to know the specifics of that. Any other information regarding his missions would also be great to know.

    Fred keep posting me privates if you would to keep me on top of this

    Erich ~
    Fred I will have to dig, my Father died of post heart surgery complications back in June a very unexpected happening, we are still in shock

    E ~
    Hi Erich; you sent me a private message on ww2f and I thank you for the response. Hope your father is OK. I cannot seem to respond on that website and so am trying you through this website. My uncle (Fred Sanderson 78 squaderon) was killed 27th/28th August 1943 over Nuerberg. Appreciate any more info. Well aware of his crew; but would like to know how he was killed and if it was a night fighter or Flak. Any details from German (or English) combat report really appreciated. My father (his younger brother) has always wondered what happened. Appreciate your help. Regards.
    Paul that was this past winter on my old trek, actually it was a freak snow storm in late April we did some 50 miles in sleet and rain, then one of my cycling buds blew his rear aero wheel to pieces. new bike picked up this past weekend, and man is it fast....... will take a few pics for the guys to laugh at.
    Just dropping you a line to say hi and hoping things have taken on a brighter aspect for you. I like the new avatar, where was the picture taken?
    thanks Paul we are hanging in there and my bro and I are making all the preparations to get this thing done.
    I just read your last post..

    "I'll be participating in my own Fathers memorial this upcoming weekend."

    My deepest sympathy and condolences mate. If there's anything I can do just ask. You are in my thoughts Erich.
    am getting around it Paul, looks good to me. am in an out, my Father had a quad-bypass heart surgery and is not doing well .........
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